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Delikts | Consumer Delikts | Consumer Delikts | Consumer Delikts | Consumer Delikts | Consumer

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By Hollie Baigent

On 16, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By Hollie Baigent

Delikts | Consumer

In a heat of Passion

Mobile Super-steam Dryer | Heater

A compact mobile super-steam solution to improve everyday laundry and heating experiences in urban dwelling 2015.

Urban Dwelling 2015:

The increasing trend to urbanise and live in smaller high-rise living spaces places a greater demand on household consumer appliances to become easily integrated into a flexible “no wall” household approach. Delikts applies this “no wall philosophy” to integrate a new intelligent mobile solution that aims to combine the two largest household energy consumer appliances within the home to reduce it’s consumption.

1. Clothes Dryers

2. Space Heaters


Consumer Insight:

Frustration driven by the lack of quality of care to wash and dry expensive lingerie. Washing lingerie in a shared household sink and hanging out to dry in open non-private indoor environments should be a pass time activity.

Concept Description:

Inspired by the beauty and sutle design behind Bang and Olsen free standing speakers, Delikts disguses itself as a living room heater with a passionate ‘twist’ literally, as it transforms into a intimiates clothes dryer. Delikts is an intelligent mobile solution that integrates an environmental and innovative supersteam system to effectively steam laundry and recycle steam into heat as an indoor heater. Superheating is an existing technology that uses a closed loop system. Delikts adapts this unique system to steam clothes. Supersteaming collects saturated steam from the wet moisture in clothes and recycles steam to dry and sanitise laundry. As a result no cleaning of vents or household installation is needed enhancing its intelligent mobility. The simple touch interface and design detailing slowly illuminates when the dryer cycle is complete.



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