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Internationally Awarded VACCi Pak | Strategic Healthcare Product System Internationally Awarded VACCi Pak | Strategic Healthcare Product System Internationally Awarded VACCi Pak | Strategic Healthcare Product System Internationally Awarded VACCi Pak | Strategic Healthcare Product System Internationally Awarded VACCi Pak | Strategic Healthcare Product System

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By Hollie Baigent

On 22, Aug 2012 | One Comment | In | By Hollie Baigent

Internationally Awarded VACCi Pak | Strategic Healthcare Product System


A culturally sensitive human-centered product service system designed to keep vaccines cold at 2-8 degrees as well as improve the transportation, administration and disposal of healthcare products in low resource settings.


Ineffective transportation and storage of vaccines and medical resources for healthcare clinics in inaccessible rural tropical terrains and villages.


VACCi Pak responds to a detailed cultural context study concerning child health in Timor-Leste. The product system is guided by the needs of the Timorese Rural Healthcare System (SISCa) and it’s focus is to assist in reducing child mortality, a key UN Millennium Development goal.

Concept Description

An interchangeable backpack and motorcycle pannier to be used by Timorese nurses, VACCi Pak is designed to ISO and WHO standards to prevent spoiling of life saving, increasingly expensive and bulky medical products. An in-built tablet monitors medical product temperatures during the journey. At location nurses record medical records and logistical needs using the tablet. Enclosing the cold chain chamber core is a locally manfactured bamboo composite material shaped to suit the physical needs of the nurses for their 24 hour journey into the dense terrain.


  1. To,
    Hollie Baigent

    Subject: Invitation to participate in the Photo Exhibition at the Global Forum on Research and Innovation for Health 2015, Manila, Philippines, 24-27 August 2015.

    Dear Madam,

    Hope this email finds you well. We are writing to you regarding your kind participation in the upcoming photo exhibition organized by The Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED). We wish to invite the participation of “VACCi Pak ”.

    Last date for the submissions is Friday 29th June 2015.

    To participate in the exhibition:
    1) We would require high rez images of about 2-3 MB each.
    2) Would require the submission form duly signed (on all the pages) & complete details on the last 2 pages.
    3) A short description about the product.

    The photo exhibition is non-commercial in nature and there is no fee involved for participation.

    COHRED is an international non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland – Gaborone, Botswana – and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. COHRED have over 20 years’ hands-on experience in providing expertise, tools and solutions to enable low and middle income countries to develop and use research and innovation to improve health of those with most unmet health needs.

    COHRED in partnership with the Philippine Department of Health, Philippine Department of Science and Technology, and Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) is going to host the Global Forum on Research and Innovation for Health in Manila, 24-27 August 2015. Forum 2015 will bring together all stakeholders who play a role in making research and innovation benefit health, equity and development. This includes high-level representatives from government, business, non-profits, international organizations, academic and research institutions and social entrepreneurs among others. The Global Forum for Research and Innovation is the successor to the Global Forum for Health Research, last held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012.

    ‘People at the centre of research and innovation for health’ is a photo exhibition that aims to bring to light innovative research projects and to illustrate their impact and value to people’s lives, in real circumstances. Selected photographs, representing research and innovation for health, will be showcased at FORUM 2015 in Philippines. These pictures will be used to illustrate ways in which research for health can be brought to the next level through appropriate policies and investments.

    We feel that your innovation resonates with the above expression and we request you to share it with us. To participate in the exhibition, please complete the submission form attached and send us the high resolution image of the innovation along with the submission form.

    We hope that you will accompany us in this mission to showcase how research and innovation projects are having an effect on people’s health.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    With hope and gratitude.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sabyesachi Bharti
    Project Researcher
    Tel: +91- 8826689218 (India)

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